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Dr. Chiarella has extensive experience and expertise in providing psychological evaluation and testing to children of all ages. Many children possess psychological problems and difficulties that affect their ability to learn, as well as their academic productivity on a daily basis. Parents are often confused and frustrated trying to determine what testing their child may need, where this testing will occur, and what the results mean for their child. Often this becomes an arduous, confusing and lengthy process for families.

Dr. Chiarella and his staff at The Assessment Center provide comprehensive psychological assessments to children, adolescents, and young adults in a timely and affordable manner. In addition, Dr. Chiarella will prepare a written report that can be provided to school staff, physicians and other relevant individuals. The families will also receive a follow-up, face to face conference.

The results of a comprehensive psychological assessment can be critical and important to you child’s academic future. The data complied from these evaluations will often determine what kinds of accommodations and modifications can be made in your child’s classroom at the elementary, middle, junior, or high school level, and even into the college level. A psychological assessment of this nature conducted in the school setting often requires six to eight months to complete: Dr. Chiarella and his staff will work with families to complete the process quickly -- many times in two to four weeks.


A Comprehensive Psychological Assessment will include the following:

  • Diagnostic and background interview with parents
  • IQ testing
  • Academic achievement testing
  • Completion of standardized behavior rating forms by parents, teachers,
    and children
  • Personality testing (if needed)
  • Projective testing (if needed)
  • Written report and feedback provided after testing is completed

The Assesment Center Fee

Comprehensive Psychological Assessment: $750.00


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